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Insurance & Protection

At Mortgage Call we offer a range of insurance policies from Building and Content Insurance to Life Cover, Critical Illness and Income Protection.

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Critical Illness Cover

Don’t let your finances become an issue when you are at your most vulnerable. As medical treatment advances you are more likely to survive a serious illness. However, this can put a huge strain on you and your family to cover trips to hospital and even time away from work for other family members as a result.

Income Protection Cover

Receive tax-free monthly payments from your income protection insurance if you are unable to work due to ill health. So, if you were unable to work and your sick pay ran out from your employer, would you be able to pay your mortgage and household bills? Many of us would not.

Life Insurance

Keep you and your loved ones covered by taking out life cover insurance, and make sure you are always there to catch their fall. Whether you own your own home or not, and especially if you have or are planning to have a family, you should seriously think about taking out Life Insurance.

Buildings Insurance

In the event of a fire, flood or storm you may need to repair or rebuild your house and how would you pay for it? By having Buildings Insurance this will cover the costs. In fact, all homeowners with a mortgage are required to have Buildings Insurance as your lender will stipulate this in their terms and conditions as they have a legal interest in your property.

Contents Insurance

Make sure you cover your home possessions. Whether you are a home owner or a tenant at Mortgage Call, we would strongly recommend you take out Home Contents Insurance Cover. Although not compulsory we advise all our clients to insure the contents of their home

Life Insurance & Protection

Your home is your biggest asset and it is important we give you the right advice for your financial and home protection. At Mortgage Call we offer a range of insurance policies from Building and Content Insurance to Life Cover, Critical Illness and Income Protection. Here is our guide to financial protection insurance policies

We will assess your needs and using our experience and industry leading comparison systems, you will be offered the most comprehensive protection solution for your circumstances.

Your circumstances are likely to change – maybe new employment, children or a new house and mortgage?…

Mortgage Call will constantly review your arrangements to ensure your cover the best available and relevant at all times.

Contact us to discuss your requirements*.

* Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income

Looking for Insurance Cover & Protection

We can cover you for many eventualities - it could be personal, family or business cover you require in these areas...

Life Cover - Lump sum or monthly payout on death

Critical Illness - Lump sum or monthly payout on diagnosis of a serious illness (such as Cancer or Stoke)

Income Protection - A monthly benefit paid if you are unable to work due to Accident or Sickness

Unemployment - A monthly benefit paid if you are made redundant from work

Buildings and Contents - Funds to put right damage to your house or belongings

what our clients have to say

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Tom Roebuck
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I recently did business with Susan of Mortgage Call, who was incredibly helpful throughout the mortgage application process and put in loads of extra work to make sure I understood the process as well as pitfalls and things to watch out for. She was available all hours (which I made clear was far beyond my expectation!) and appeared not only attentive but invested in my application. She was more helpful than my solicitors by a long stretch. What was particularly telling was when we disagreed on a course of action which I had chosen she was very professional and respected my choice. I'd not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone applying for a mortgage, and with the same enthusiasm in which she was recommended to me.
Judith Tingley
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Mortgage Call, I would just like to say a big thank you . You have been so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. At all times you kept me well informed and you made me feel confident enough to ask any question. You were a brilliant advocate, who I knew was working in my best interest. I strongly believe it was your intervention that enabled the process to be completed so quickly and smoothly. Thank you again.
Adam West
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"As first time buyers, finding offers was incredibly tough. Mortgage Call went out to individual lenders and created a bespoke offering tailored to us. The communication was crystal clear and he was always available. Impeccable service!"
Gemma Rahman
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"Professional and friendly, great service. Thank you for your help with my mortgage during a very challenging year."

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Building Your Brighter Future

Mortgage Call acts as the bridge between customers and the mortgage companies that can help them. Many lenders only deal with brokers like Mortgage Call, meaning a wider choice of available options.

Why is mortgage protection so important?

When you take out a mortgage, you take on a big commitment. So you need to think about how you will repay that debt if something goes wrong. If you were to fall seriously ill and be unable to work, could you pay the mortgage and the bills? If one of you died, would you want to be left with your home at least, or would you want to be possibly forced to sell it?

It goes further than mortgage protection, too. When the worst happens, having a financial fallback can help you recover. For example, if someone is suffering from cancer, their partner might not want to have to work – they want to be able to be with their partner, and they might need to change their working pattern for hospital visits or to look after the children.

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