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Mortgage Call are professional mortgage brokers, delivering industry-leading mortgages to self-employed with over 130 years combined experience.

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Company Accounts

We have access to High Street Lenders that will use your share of net profits and your re-numeration to calculate the amount you can borrow.

This often saves Limited Company Directors having to pay higher personal tax bills in order to secure a mortgage.

Your Offer

Most lenders average the last 2 years accounts but there are some that use the latest years figures for affordability purposes.

If you are a newly formed company there are lenders that will accept 1 years trading history

Pay Off

The most common income evidence a company director is asked for is the the last 2 years salary and dividends of which an average is taken.

Some lenders will use the latest year which can help, or consider your company's retained profits.

Pay Off

If you are in the construction industry and get paid via the CIS scheme then we can use your CIS statements as payslips. This means you can be tax efficient and still get the mortgage you deserve. If you are a day rate contractor then we can use that daily rate rather than you.

Self Employed Mortgage

Mortgage Call are professional mortgage advisors with over 130 years combined experience in helping self-employed business owners to get the mortgages they deserve.

Our specialist advisors look at the different options open to you and how best to present your income to the lender. We can use your salary and dividends or net profit depending how your limited company is set up for tax. We have lenders able to use your retained profits as income. For sole traders we can use your net profit (taxable pay) or day rate for contractors. Our lenders allow 1 years accounts to be used for affordability instead of the average of the last 2 years that most lenders consider. Even if you only have been trading for 1 year we can help.

We have helped hundreds of customers and offers a detailed approach, ensuring customers are able to access the mortgage deals they need, without delays and with more reliable outcomes.

As specialist self-employed mortgage brokers, Mortgage Call see things differently, letting us find the best mortgage for you.

Receive The Mortgage You Deserve

As professional and experienced advisers, we go the extra mile to offer you a personal, approachable and accountable service.

what our clients have to say

Building Your Brighter Future

Tom Roebuck
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I recently did business with Susan of Mortgage Call, who was incredibly helpful throughout the mortgage application process and put in loads of extra work to make sure I understood the process as well as pitfalls and things to watch out for. She was available all hours (which I made clear was far beyond my expectation!) and appeared not only attentive but invested in my application. She was more helpful than my solicitors by a long stretch. What was particularly telling was when we disagreed on a course of action which I had chosen she was very professional and respected my choice. I'd not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone applying for a mortgage, and with the same enthusiasm in which she was recommended to me.
Judith Tingley
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Mortgage Call, I would just like to say a big thank you . You have been so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. At all times you kept me well informed and you made me feel confident enough to ask any question. You were a brilliant advocate, who I knew was working in my best interest. I strongly believe it was your intervention that enabled the process to be completed so quickly and smoothly. Thank you again.
Adam West
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"As first time buyers, finding offers was incredibly tough. Mortgage Call went out to individual lenders and created a bespoke offering tailored to us. The communication was crystal clear and he was always available. Impeccable service!"
Gemma Rahman
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"Professional and friendly, great service. Thank you for your help with my mortgage during a very challenging year."

Let Mortgage Call Find The Right Lenders For You

Mortgage Call acts as the bridge between customers and the mortgage companies that can help them. Many lenders only deal with brokers like Mortgage Call, meaning a wider choice of available options.

Trusted Advice

Clear and concise advice finding you the best options.


Helping customers understand things their way.

Save Money

Access to exclusive rates not available on the high street..

Specialist Rates

The lowest overall cost to your mortgage saves thousands.

Helping Customers Secure The Homes They Deserve

Self-employed mortgages can be confusing with the different ways you can prove your income. Even some mortgage advisers can find it confusing. Mortgage Calls role is to deliver fast, clear and straightforward advice around your best options for what you are looking to achieve.

Mortgage Call strive to serve people in whatever circumstances to move on to the next chapter in your live. Be it buying their first home, securing a re-mortgage or raise money for home improvements or debt consolidation.

Mortgage Call are a professional mortgage broker, delivering industry-leading mortgages to our customers for over 25 years.